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By Stuart Ritchie

Premier Christianity

By Megan Cornwell

"My mother wasn't good"
Helen Naylor's Incredible Debut

By Matt Turpin

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Mum's Secret Illness


On the outside Helen Naylor had a pretty standard childhood. She had a father, a mother and roof over her head. But all was not as it seemed. In 2016, 2 years after her mother’s death, Helen discovered her diaries. And in those diaries lay not only the truth about her mother’s medical conditions. But also the truth about Helen’s upbringing.

A Somethin’ Else Production.

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Narrated by Helen, the audiobook is available to buy. 

You can listen to a preview clip here.

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My Mother, Munchausen's and Me

Mentally Yours

Mums are meant to be good, but Helen's was not. She chats to Yvette about her shocking family secret: her mother had been faking debilitating illnesses for thirty years.

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Feature in The Telegraph

November 20, 2021

'I discovered my mother had been lying to me my whole life'
Helen Naylor's childhood was overshadowed by her mother's illnesses. But diaries discovered after her mother's death revealed a darker story.

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Review in The Times

November 20, 2021

My Mother, Munchausen’s and Me by Helen Naylor review — the tyrant in the sick bed
This is a fascinating account of growing up with a mother who faked serious illness, says Sarah Ditum

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My mum had Munchausen syndrome – she faked illness in my childhood, said dad was about to die & called me ugly & stupid"

My Mother, Munchausens and Me in The Sun

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My Mother, Munchausens and Me in The Daily Mail

"Woman, 38, reveals her childhood was 'stolen' by mother with Munchausen's who faked ME and Parkinson's and left her to care for herself - and only found out after reading her diaries after she died"

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Listen to Helen on episode 47 of the Off the Shelf podcast by @PauseBooks

Welcome to the Off the Shelf Halloween Special!

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Book cover revealed!

National News

In preparation for the publication of My Mother, Munchausen's and Me, you can now pre-order the paperback or Kindle edition online!

Preorder Graphic - My Mother, Munchausen
News | Helen Naylor writer: Press

Thread Publisher, Claire Bord, has acquired World English Language rights in Helen Naylor’s moving and astonishing memoir My Mother, Munchausen’s and Me from Caroline Hardman at the Hardman & Swainson Literary Agency.

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Heloise Wood writes: "Thread, the non-fiction imprint of Bookouture, is teaming up with Hachette stablemate Octopus Publishing Group to launch a print partnership. 

The first title in the new venture will be Florence Ọlájídé’s Coconut, described by Octopus as "a memoir of adoption and searching for belonging and identity," to be published in July. The partnership will see Octopus simultaneously publish physical editions alongside Thread’s e-book and audio formats.  

Titles to be launched by Octopus in paperback this year include Gail Muller’s Unlost, an account of the author's journey completing the Appalachian Trail against all odds. Mona Hajjar Halaby’s memoir In My Mother’s Footsteps: A Palestinian Refugee Returns Home will also be published, as will the recently acquired My Mother, Munchausen’s and Me by Helen Naylor. Thread publisher Claire Bord bought world English-language rights in Naylor’s memoir about her mother’s mental illness from Caroline Hardman at the Hardman & Swainson Literary Agency."

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